Bring Daily Mindfulness to Your School Community

Compare features and pricing for our three Mindfulness-Based Social Emotional Learning (MBSEL) programs.

A Subscription for Every Type of School Community

Explorer Version



The Explorer subscription is the best option for a single school looking to bring daily mindfulness into every classroom.

  • CASEL Approved
  • PreK - 12 Age-Specific Programs
  • Spanish Practices
  • Usage Analytics Report

Community Version



The Community subscription allows entire school districts access to daily mindfulness, plus provides access to the @HOME App, so families can practice together at home.

  • All EXPLORER features +
  • Teacher/Staff Wellness Series
  • Advanced Tune In for Parents/Caregivers
  • Mobile App Availability For Teachers & Parents
Cloud Version



The Cloud subscription has a unique crowdfunding campaign feature, perfect for single schools looking to raise funds to pay for an annual subscription.

  • All COMMUNITY features +
  • Pay-It-Forward Model
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Feature

Introducing Daily Mindfulness

Our team is here to help you integrate daily mindfulness into your school community. We have created a variety of resources to support educators, school administrators, students, and their families. Mail us to know more.

Benefits of Inner Explorer Program

Inner Explorer cultivates all the core competencies of SEL, and is the only MBSR sequenced program teaching breathing and relaxation, understanding emotions, gratitude, focus, empathy, self-regulation and more.

Benefits of Inner Explorer Programs


Evidence Based

- 15% Increase in average G.P.A.
- Recommended as one of the top ten programs to improve executive function by Brain Futures.

Simple and Sustainable

Simple and Sustainable

- Audio-guided format – just press play.
- No training or prep work required.
- Short 5-10 minute daily practices easily fit into the school day.

Connects Home and School

Connect Home and school

- A 2GEN approach fosters connection and conversation across entire school communities.
- Families can experience the benefits of mindfulness through the TuneIn Feature and @HOME App.

Inner Explorer Response To COVID-19

Inner Explorer is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of school communities as we continue to navigate the implications of the pandemic. Here are a few of our latest resources:


The Counselor Series: Mindfulness practices specifically for use in individual and small group settings.

Practice Mindfulness

21-Day Quest: Designed to help your school kick-start a daily mindfulness habit.

Access to Families

COVID Education Relief Funding FAQ: Important details about the latest funding, plus how you can use a portion of it for MBSEL programs. Read More..