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Mission Moments

Inner Explorer created Mission Moments to keep you updated on the impact your support and generosity has on those we serve. We want to share not only program developments, but also the stories that warm our hearts and fuel our mission to reach ten million mindful children by 2020. A goal we accomplished because of you. Thank you!

Mission Moments: October 2020

In the summer of 2018, an article in ​The Nation Magazine​ profiled the implications of parental opioid addiction on students at Henry J. Kaiser Elementary School in West Virginia. At the time, the state had the highest rate of death by overdose and of babies born dependent on drugs in the United States. In response to this impactful article​, w​e reached out to Principal Amber Hardman at Henry J. Kaiser Elementary to offer the Inner Explorer mindfulness program. Despite outstanding teachers and access to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, the staff at HJK was unsure how to best help students.

Hardman said: ​“We were struggling, classrooms were taken over by behavior issues. Kids were exposed to so much trauma that they were simply not ready for academics.”

Within ​one year​ of implementing Inner Explorer the results were clear – a daily mindfulness practice proved to be making a drastic impact:

  • 77% decrease in school-wide ​discipline​ problems
  • 190% increase in # of students ​reading​ “At or Above Grade Level”
  • 375% increase in # of students performing “At or Above Grade Level” in ​math
  • Increased teacher ​retention/wellbeing

“I wanted to quit. In my 31 years of teaching, I had never experienced so much disobedience and trauma before in my career,” said Educator Trudy Humphreys. ​"After practicing Inner Explorer with kids for a year, I saw a transformation in my classroom. Students no longer had outbursts in class, I didn't have to send any kids to detention, and their grades improved significantly.” Teacher retention and well-being has also improved since the adoption of Inner Explorer. Please ​donate​ so we can continue to make a lasting impact in the lives of students, educators and families. Together - through mindfulness - we can reduce the stress and hopelessness so many children are facing.

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