March Moments

Mission Moments

Inner Explorer created Mission Moments to keep you updated on the impact your support and generosity has on those we serve. We want to share not only program developments, but also the stories that warm our hearts and fuel our mission to reach ten million mindful children by 2020. A goal we accomplished because of you. Thank you!

Mission Moments: July 2020

A quote from the hit musical “Hamilton.” George Washington is letting Hamilton know that because of his prominent role in the American Revolutionary War, he is being watched and recorded by history itself. History is watching all of us as we respond to the challenges of racial equity in the U.S. Nationwide, individuals, families, communities and corporations are re-examining their roles and responsibilities.

July is BIPOC Mental Health Month giving all of us the opportunity to acknowledge the unique wellness struggles of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

At this time Inner Explorer is re-committed in our efforts to:

  • Support schools where communities of color will have access to our program and resources
  • Promote success stories of children/families/teachers of color
  • Expand our group of diverse narrators, program developers and researchers
  • Seek diversity for our staff and Board of Directors
  • Educate ourselves to support equity and justice everywhere so that we can become a mindful accepting community

Mindfulness can help all of us become conscious of our biases and alert enough to fight inequity and injustice. Read Inner Explorer’s social justice statement on our website and let’s allow history’s eyes to see all of us as contributing to positive change.

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